Why Seeing Is Believing

Incorporated in 2003 Photofile Ltd began it’s day with the vision of supporting personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers with a highly customer focused service.

For us “a picture paints a thousand words” was not merely an expression but a belief. Since inception we set out to establish ourselves within a market that required dedication and a strong conviction in every aspect of achieving justice.

Photofile’s Scarring Reports soon became a necessity for those proceeding with claims where a client had been affected aesthetically. The feedback we received fuelled this belief and we soon began to consider the further enhancements we could bring to the industry.

Our experience having shown us a large percentage of claims evolved from RTAs, it became obvious the next stage would be to provide a report in situ, designed with the vision that justice could only truly be served if every detail was recorded and considered – thus the Locus Report was borne. Our dedicated design team spent numerous months researching and developing a product that stands out in the market place; with detailed site maps, inclusive of measurements and notations, presented alongside high quality digital images and comprehensive descriptions, this product remains proudly competitive to this day.

Although at this stage Photofile had recorded an element of the accident ‘fallout’ we were still very aware that so much was often being left unseen. In catastrophic cases the still image couldn’t always portray the extent to which the clients’ lives were impacted and natural progression led to the birth of Photofile’s ‘Day in the Life’ DVD. The challenging and often difficult circumstances that clients are left to live with remains in the forefront of Photofile’s ever developing vision. Since creation, despite many changes within the justice system, our ‘Day in the Life’ DVD footage is still found to be a crucial and leading style of evidence.

It was at this stage in our history that Photofile returned to consider how technology may benefit the Locus Reporting sector. Always keen to raise industry standards, Photofile acknowledged innovation would be a key requirement in meeting the Courts aim of going digital by 2016. It was decided the next step would be to redefine Locus Reporting by introducing moving footage; the Locus-in-Motion ‘Classic’. In keeping with Photofile’s approach we were not content with a basic product and therefore we began the two years of research and design for what was to be a ground breaking combination of multiple party views, GPS tracking, ‘live time’ speed and distance annotations. The long process of development proved a success in May 2013, when Photofile received their first ‘Claims Innovation Award’. Ongoing refinement over the following year with the launch of the Locus-in-Motion ‘2nd Generation’, was once again rewarded as we collected our second ‘Claims Innovation Award’ in May 2014.

This proved to be an exceptionally busy period for Photofile as our vastly appreciated customer service led to the demand for us to launch our medical reporting arm. In April 2013 Photofile Medical extended the company ethic to new areas, offering medical reporting and rehabilitation services. With an ever increasing panel of experts, educated to share Photofile’s passionate belief about the importance of providing accurate and high quality evidence, alongside an empathetic customer experience, we were soon established as a highly regarded competitor. ‘Clients have names, they are not just numbers’ swiftly became a new office motto and one that has lasted. Each team member’s belief in this is evident, speak with them today and find out for yourself.

Looking for further ways in which we could assist our solicitor clients and having received repeated requests, Photofile extended our portfolio and introduced ‘Domestic Assistance Quotation Services’. For cases where your client requires domestic assistance and gratuitous care is not an option, Photofile can provide you with fast turnaround quotations in all fields, ensuring the finer details of the claim are covered.

Again branching into other fields of law requiring digital evidence, Photofile developed a photographic report which can be used in place of a medical report for CIC claims. With a clear cost benefit to your client, our accurate report meeting all criteria set by the CICA has become a popular choice.

In 2018 we took on the challenging industry demands against and introduced our Photographic Evidence for Portal, created specifically to dovetail with the portal regulations. Our reports are designed to maximise your clients’ compensation whilst enabling them to retain 100% of that compensation.

It was during this period of development that we began to reconsider our position within the industry; the importance of returning to our core values and re-focusing on providing innovative assistance. Our venture into the medical reporting and rehabilitation arena gave us the opportunity to learn, grow and strengthen our service and so as the decision to close the department became an obvious one, so too did the need for technical focus within the next stage of our planned growth.

Right up to the present day Photofile are constantly looking to raise the bar and support lawyers in achieving justice for their clients.   Photofile will never compromise on service; ‘holding your clients’ hands is what we do best’.  As a nationwide, ‘one stop’ solution to personal injury and clinical negligence claims, we are confident we can benefit you and your clients. Why not instruct us today and see if you agree?

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