Domestic Assistance Quotation Services (DAQs)

Providing quotations for your clients’ domestic needs

Do you read through witness statements and find regular references to the level of domestic assistance your clients require? If so, call Photofile for bespoke comparative quotations suitable for inclusion in your clients’ Schedule of Loss;

  • home help
  • household maintenance
  • gardening
  • shopping
  • caring for pets

Having assisted personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers for many years, we have come to appreciate that the smaller, not so obvious details of a case are just as crucial to ensure the most advantageous outcome. Elements of the daily routine can sometimes be over-looked; our abilities to carry out such tasks can be taken for granted. When you become dependent on others for assistance in these areas, you soon appreciate what has been lost.

At Photofile we pride ourselves on the level of support we can offer you, whilst you honour the promise to your clients to fight for the best possible outcome. In light of this we are pleased to announce the invaluable latest addition of ‘Domestic Assistance Quotation Services’.


  • What information do you require to enable you to provide me with quotations?

    Ideally Photofile require your client’s Schedule of Loss, together with the necessary witness statements, at the point of instruction.

  • How quickly can you provide the required quotations?

    Our average turnaround for quotations is 7 working days.  However faster turnarounds can be met where necessary.

  • How many quotations will I get?

    Photofile will routinely provide two comparative quotations but if you require more let us know.

  • How do you decide who to approach for quotations?

    Photofile always assess your client’s circumstances upon receipt of your instruction; we will always aim to work within a 20 mile radius of your client’s place of residence, unless instructed otherwise.

  • How will I receive the quotations?

    Photofile will provide you with each quotation on the provider’s headed paper, as a PDF by email. If you require a hard copy, this can be provided upon request. Alternatively, if for any reason you require the quotations to be provided on Photofile headed paper, this can also be arranged.

General FAQs

  • What is the best way of instructing Photofile?

    You can instruct us via our website where you can also find all the relevant forms or alternatively you can phone us on 01285 658 111, fax us on 01285 658 108 or instruct us by letter to Photofile Ltd, Globe House, Love Lane, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1YG.

  • Do you offer coverage of all areas within the UK?

    Simply, yes. Photofile have a nationwide coverage of photographers, videographers, medical experts and rehabilitation therapists. If you have a specific requirement for an individual party to be instructed let us know and Photofile are always happy to assist in any way we can.

  • Do you offer any alternative appointments to the standard weekday times?

    Yes, at Photofile we pride ourselves on the level of client care we are able to give and scheduling mutually convenient appointments for any of our services is a crucial part of this.

  • What does my client need to take with them to their appointment?

    Dependant on which service you have instructed us for, there may be some variants in the documentation required but this is always discussed with your client prior to their appointment. As a rule, we always advise a form of photographic identification will suffice.

  • Do Photofile offer deferred payment terms?

    Subject to the number of instructions received we can offer various payment plans to accommodate your needs. To discuss these, please call 01285 658 111.

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