Maximising compensation for more serious injuries

Since 2010 Photofile have been providing personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers with DVD footage. This product is the essence of ‘Seeing is Believing’ and can range from short clips demonstrating restricted movement to full ‘Day in the Life’ DVDs.

Following more serious or catastrophic injuries, this product can be invaluable when demonstrating;

  • the tasks which a claimant now finds difficult or needs assistance with
  • the level of care required
  • the unsuitability of the current home environment
  • the ability to interact socially
  • the course of rehabilitation now required

Photofile’s dedication to your clients’ best interests naturally extends to this product.

We ensure DVD footage is customised to each individual case. Specific features that prove useful are;

  • interviewing of key individuals; therapists, carers, family members
  • captioning
  • chaptering
  • editing footage according to your specific requirements

All footage is presented with an identification introduction of the client and comes with a court compliant statement of authenticity signed by the videographer.

Photofile DVDs have many other applications. Please feel free to contact one of our dedicated team on 01285 658 111 to discuss your requirements.


  • Is it possible for my client’s family and friends to be involved?

    Yes, Photofile are more than happy for family and friends to be involved during filming. If you feel this would be beneficial to the case, please specify such requirements at the point of instruction. Ensuring the client is comfortable at all times is important and Photofile are able to accommodate any request like this.

  • Can you capture footage of my client’s therapy?

    Yes, any therapies that you feel are relevant to the case can be documented by footage and where applicable interviews can also be conducted with the therapists themselves. This can be done regardless of whether the treatment is in the client’s home or at an alternative venue.

  • Can the footage be taken over a series of days?

    When we are instructed at Photofile, we always assess the most efficient and client friendly approach to collecting footage; this can mean that footage is taken over a series of days but all costings are supplied on an hourly rate rather than business days. If your client’s schedule means that they have various treatments throughout a week, we can arrange for a videographer to attend all where applicable.

  • Is there a possibility of night-time filming?

    Yes, if you feel that footage of your clients sleep pattern is relevant to the case, Photofile can arrange for our videographer to accommodate this.

  • What is captioning and how is it beneficial?

    Captioning is the option of screen annotation, often used during house tours and when administering medication. It is a useful tool for providing additional understanding to what is being displayed within the footage.

  • What is chaptering and why is this required?

    Chaptering allows each section of your client’s routine to be displayed in a way that is easier for you to navigate when reviewing the footage, either for your own purpose or at court. This is a popular addition and regularly used to draw on points of focus, such as difficult routines within your client’s daily lives. Chaptering will always be arranged to your specific requirements although Photofile, will always aim to keep the footage chronologically accurate.

General FAQs

  • What is the best way of instructing Photofile?

    You can instruct us via our website where you can also find all the relevant forms or alternatively you can phone us on 01285 658 111, fax us on 01285 658 108 or instruct us by letter to Photofile Ltd, Globe House, Love Lane, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1YG.

  • Do you offer coverage of all areas within the UK?

    Simply, yes. Photofile have a nationwide coverage of photographers, videographers, medical experts and rehabilitation therapists. If you have a specific requirement for an individual party to be instructed let us know and Photofile are always happy to assist in any way we can.

  • Do you offer any alternative appointments to the standard weekday times?

    Yes, at Photofile we pride ourselves on the level of client care we are able to give and scheduling mutually convenient appointments for any of our services is a crucial part of this.

  • What does my client need to take with them to their appointment?

    Dependant on which service you have instructed us for, there may be some variants in the documentation required but this is always discussed with your client prior to their appointment. As a rule, we always advise a form of photographic identification will suffice.

  • Do Photofile offer deferred payment terms?

    Subject to the number of instructions received we can offer various payment plans to accommodate your needs. To discuss these, please call 01285 658 111.

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