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Maximising compensation with Photofile’s Locus Reports

Photofile pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive, detailed and clearest views of your client’s accident.  With over 15 years’ experience, Photofile’s Locus Reports are an essential tool for all accidents where liability is disputed.

There really is no other product that considers all parties viewpoints quite like this report. Where possible your client’s attendance is invaluable in helping to collate all information producing a report of the highest accuracy. Situations with restrictions are met with the utmost understanding and are discussed in detail with you.

When instructing us you are provided with two bound dossiers including;

  • computerised map of the accident location
  • aerial photograph of the accident location
  • computerised sketch plan identifying road markings and relevant measurements
  • 7 x 5″ digital images with full descriptions

Within the points covered above, Photofile will always ensure every possible detail is documented;

  • direction of travel for all parties represented
  • sight line obstructions
  • reference points of value
  • important details unique to the locus; weather conditions, visibility, traffic flow, speed restrictions etc

Digital copies of the report are also available. All details can be found on our instruction forms or alternatively call 01285 658 111 for assistance.


  • I require a locus report to be taken at a specific time of day, can you organise this?

    Yes, at Photofile we always aim to replicate the accident conditions as much as possible. Time of day is often taken into account, as is lighting so if you have any specific enquiries, please notify us at point of instruction or call us on 01285 658 111 to discuss the beforehand.

  • I require a locus report to reflect certain weather conditions, can this be organised?

    Although we are unable to control the weather, we are always keen to match as many conditions as possible. Please notify us of the weather conditions for the index accident and we can then schedule our filming accordingly. We do advise that this can sometimes cause a delay in filming.  However Photofile ensure that the instructing solicitor is kept up to date throughout.

  • Can footage be taken at any speed?

    We understand the importance of reflecting as many of the accident conditions as possible within our footage and where possible within legal limitations, we can capture footage at the requested speed.

  • How are the different parties views represented?

    All elements of the Locus and Locus-in-Motion Reporting are constructed based on fact and from the information provided to us at point of instruction. Claimant, defendant and witness views can be captured and the way they are provided to you is product specific;

    • For our paper based Locus Reports we will provide printed photographs, with annotation, of the route corresponding with a sketch plan.
    • For Locus-in-Motion ‘Classic’ we capture both views in footage with labels to indicate which you are watching.
    • For Locus-in-Moton ‘2nd Generation’ we provide the labelled footage, GPS mapping and the option to view a digital version of the annotated photographs.

    We always aim to make it very clear to all instructing parties that the Locus products offered by Photofile are in no way accident reconstructions however, we are always keen to match as many details as possible, providing you with a factually efficient report.

General FAQs

  • What is the best way of instructing Photofile?

    You can instruct us via our website where you can also find all the relevant forms or alternatively you can phone us on 01285 658 111, fax us on 01285 658 108 or instruct us by letter to Photofile Ltd, Globe House, Love Lane, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1YG.

  • Do you offer coverage of all areas within the UK?

    Simply, yes. Photofile have a nationwide coverage of photographers, videographers, medical experts and rehabilitation therapists. If you have a specific requirement for an individual party to be instructed let us know and Photofile are always happy to assist in any way we can.

  • Do you offer any alternative appointments to the standard weekday times?

    Yes, at Photofile we pride ourselves on the level of client care we are able to give and scheduling mutually convenient appointments for any of our services is a crucial part of this.

  • What does my client need to take with them to their appointment?

    Dependant on which service you have instructed us for, there may be some variants in the documentation required but this is always discussed with your client prior to their appointment. As a rule, we always advise a form of photographic identification will suffice.

  • Do Photofile offer deferred payment terms?

    Subject to the number of instructions received we can offer various payment plans to accommodate your needs. To discuss these, please call 01285 658 111.

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