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Maximising compensation for scarring and injuries

Multi-track Scarring Reports

Photofile have been serving the UKs personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers for many years arranging scarring photography to assist their clients. As a market leader, Photofile can implement your instructions quickly and efficiently using state of the art, high resolution photography. There are a range of benefits to using Photofile for your scarring reports, to name a few;

  • Professional, high quality images
  • Choice of venue; studio, hospital, home
  • Choice of male or female photographer

When instructing Photofile you can rest assured that every case is handled with the highest level of confidentiality and care. Instructions are turned around within an average of 14 days and very often completed much quicker than this. Where required, we also offer an emergency 48 hour service for urgent cases.

Each report will consist of the following;

  • an identification photograph
  • a photograph at conversation distance to show the orientation of the scarred area(s)
  • photographs from various angles and distances
  • comparative photographs if applicable
  • close up photographs including some with scale
  • a statement of authenticity signed and dated by the photographer, compliant with court rules

Photographic Evidence for Portal

Designed specifically for portal cases and providing you with the quality of service you can rely on, our latest offering gives you photographic evidence in the form of a compact digital dossier ready for circulation and upload, with the additional benefit that unless the cost is recovered from the defendant, the client does not have to pay and retains 100% of their compensation.

Instructions are turned around within an average of 7 days and we can also offer our emergency 48 hour service for this product where required.

Your digital report will consist of the following;

  • a photograph at conversation distance to show the orientation of the scarred area
  • a close up photograph including scale
  • a statement of authenticity signed and dated by the photographer, compliant with court rules

The photographs within this report do not include descriptions however, if these are required we can accommodate this on occasion.

Whether you require photographic evidence for the portal, a full detail photographic report in a format ready for circulation or a number of hard-copy scarring photography reports, we can provide you with the best format options for you.

Further details can be found on our instruction forms or alternatively call 01285 658 111 for assistance.


  • Is there a charge for home visits?

    If a home visit is provided there is a slight increase in fee, this is always discussed on receipt of your instruction and is case specific. Photofile have a nationwide coverage of photographers and are generally able to offer studio or hospital visits in close proximity to your client. The final decision is yours.

  • Can my client be photographed at my office, with me in attendance?

    Yes, if this is the preference of you and your client, please advise us at the time of instruction and we will be happy to assist. The charge would be that of a home visit.

  • My client is currently in hospital, are you able to photograph them during their stay?

    Yes, if this is the scenario for you and your client, let us know at the point of instruction and Photofile can liaise with the relevant ward to gain access.

  • Are you able to arrange prison visits?

    Yes, Photofile have experience in arranging prison visits. If you advise us of their residence at the time of instruction, along with the relevant point of contact we are happy to assist. Please bear in mind, the prison will always require the solicitor to make the initial contact before access will be granted.

  • Can my client contact you directly to discuss any concerns?

    Yes, holding your clients’ hands is what we do best and a member of the Photofile team is always available to assist with any enquiries they may have.

  • Can my client specify the gender of photographer/videographer assigned to their case?

    Yes, Photofile always aim to make the process as comfortable as possible for your client, therefore male and female photographers are available across the UK.

  • Can you take photographs of my client’s facial scarring with and without make-up?

    For clients with facial scarring it is usually beneficial to take photographs with and without make up and therefore this is standard practice for Photofile.

  • Will I ever need my client to be photographed more than once?

    There are occasions where it may be beneficial for your client to be photographed at regular intervals (sometimes months or even years apart) in order to monitor the development of their scarring. Photofile are always able to assist, often ensuring the client is assigned the same photographer where possible, once again assisting the client with their comfort levels throughout this process.

  • Can photographs be used to demonstrate my client’s difficulties?

    Yes, Photofile are often able to include photographs that demonstrate restricted movement and even how specific tasks can be affected for the client. Every set of photographs are reviewed before leaving the offices to ensure the highest quality product is provided. We will not release anything but the best to our clients and if specific instructions have been given at the point of instruction, Photofile always ensure it has all been met before release.

  • How quickly will I receive the scarring reports?

    Our average turnaround for a photographic report is 7 to 10 days, dependant on your client’s availability. However faster turnarounds can be met where necessary; 48 hours is possible, subject to your client’s availability. Please note, there is a slight increase in fee for this expedited service.

  • How can I obtain further copies of the photographs at a later date?

    You can order as many copies as you like, for up to six years after the appointment date. To do so, simply call us on 01285 658 111 or email us and we can arrange for a disc or further hard bound copies to be released to you on the same day. Please note additional sets are charged at the rate of £35 plus VAT, if ordered at the time of instruction however, further copies required after will incur a charge of £45 plus VAT per copy.

General FAQs

  • What is the best way of instructing Photofile?

    You can instruct us via our website where you can also find all the relevant forms or alternatively you can phone us on 01285 658 111, fax us on 01285 658 108 or instruct us by letter to Photofile Ltd, Globe House, Love Lane, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1YG.

  • Do you offer coverage of all areas within the UK?

    Simply, yes. Photofile have a nationwide coverage of photographers, videographers, medical experts and rehabilitation therapists. If you have a specific requirement for an individual party to be instructed let us know and Photofile are always happy to assist in any way we can.

  • Do you offer any alternative appointments to the standard weekday times?

    Yes, at Photofile we pride ourselves on the level of client care we are able to give and scheduling mutually convenient appointments for any of our services is a crucial part of this.

  • What does my client need to take with them to their appointment?

    Dependant on which service you have instructed us for, there may be some variants in the documentation required but this is always discussed with your client prior to their appointment. As a rule, we always advise a form of photographic identification will suffice.

  • Do Photofile offer deferred payment terms?

    Subject to the number of instructions received we can offer various payment plans to accommodate your needs. To discuss these, please call 01285 658 111.

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