Statue in GlorySo the long awaited unveiling of the Mary Seacole statue has now taken place and she stands in full glory for all to note as they pass through the St. Thomas gardens.

Our work is not done though; as an industry we cannot have fully appreciated the contributions of Mary Seacole without learning from them and moving forward in our efforts to ensure the legacy she left behind is upheld.

The Mary Seacole Trust (MST) focuses on inspiring children to overcome adversity and discrimination, to show compassion wherever or whenever possible and to remain determined in their goals.

It is important that every generation has the privilege of growing up believing that all is possible if you have courage of your convictions and MST works on to ensure this.  By striving for diversity in leadership, we can ensure the future of our educational, medical and legal systems are equitable and accessible to all.  Change is inevitable and by taking the time to nurture the next generation, giving understanding in areas that have previously been left untouched, we can ensure that it is also positive.

Trevor SterlingTrevor Sterling, the chairman of MST said “I will be calling on Mary’s legacy to inspire future generations, whether that be at school, university or within the community. I will also be calling for diversity in leadership within organisations, particularly the NHS and to encourage people to be compassionate and entrepreneurial. Above all I want to give hope and instil confidence that there will be equality of outcome.”

We will be making a further announcement of ways you too can show your support for this very worthy cause in due course. However, if you would like to find out more about how you can support MST in the meantime, please contact us for further information.

Written by Grace McGeoch

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